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climbingonroofs climbingonroofs

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Are you just posting all of your musical experiments on here?
This one's not very interesting; and not very nice to listen to. I think you'll have better chances of being scouted if you publish complete works.

In fact, this one's so simple, I can summarise the notes you played. They might be slightly wrong but they'll play the same melody that this song played.


Post better works in the future. :)

Derp Face Derp Face

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I'll get straight to the point.

"This is a place to share your own original works, not to post your favourite Eminem songs or the song your friend asked you to upload. If you didn't make it, do not upload it."


Tristam & Braken - Frame of Mind Tristam & Braken - Frame of Mind

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Hello there DragonicSin.
So I was considering the possibility that you're actually Tristam, but I checked your profile and I see that you're from the Philippines. Now, Tristam is from Canada. That's an inconsistency right there, so I'm going to go under the assumption that you are NOT Tristam.

While you have provided reference to Tristam & Bracken and claimed that it's their work, the Newgrounds Audio Portal is not for sharing songs you like. It's for sharing songs you made yourself. Here's a quote:

"This is a place to share your own original works, not to post your favourite Eminem songs or the song your friend asked you to upload. If you didn't make it, do not upload it."

I will now report this piece of music. Have a nice day.

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Rainy Sunday Rainy Sunday

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Very interesting sound! But it could use a bit of mastering.
The piano is a bit too upfront, especially when it comes in; it sounds really out of place. And when it fades out it sounds very unnatural. The bass is really fat and heavy and it almost feels like there's water bubbling around my ears.
The drums kick really violently like gunshots.
Louder is not necessarily better, but good work nonetheless! Keep posting music. :)

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The Dying of the Light The Dying of the Light

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So gentle and soothing. Thing song has some beautiful melodies that create a heavenly aura. There are also numerous repeating motifs, which kind of make it sound like a canon. (Canon in C?)

Musical analysis time!

The song is in 4/4 and possibly in the key of C.

The piece begins with electronic drums and a dreamy bell instrument(s). There may actually be two dreamy bell instruments though. They play at slightly different pitches. One bell carries the lead melody while the other seems to provide a sort of counter-melody. The counter-melody dreamy bell is less prominent and plays at a slightly lower pitch.
The electronic drums have a constant rhythm for each bar with the bass hitting at beat number 1 and snare at beat number 3. It only stays in the piece for 5 bars.

At bar 4 an atmospheric instrument which sounds like electronic strings fades in and plays sustained chords in semibreves or minims (e.g. bar 8).

At bar 5 electronic bass could be heard. Additionally the motif has undergone a variation and the lead bells are now playing arpeggios for each bar beginning with two repetitions of an ascending C chord arpeggio, then moving down to two repetitions of an ascending Bb chord arpeggio, followed by two repetitions of a descending F chord arpeggio (however it seems that it starts at A instead of F such that the descending arpeggio is A-F-C-A), and then finishing with two repetitions of a descending Fm chord arpeggio (this one starts at Ab such that the descending arpeggio is Ab-F-C-Ab).

At bar 6 the electronic drum has become softer and at bar 7 it completely disappears.

At bar 9 another instrument is introduced, this time a rougher-sounding instrument, which despite that fact is not abrasive or disruptive to the melodic harmony. It actually complements the motif of the dreamy bells. It recreates the lead melody played by the lead bells in bars 1-8.

At bar 13, the same arpeggios as the ones present in bar 5 start playing. However it seems that the note lengths are now shorter. The arpeggios now use semiquavers instead of quavers and it appears that there are now 4 repetitions in each bar.

At bar 15 the tempo gradually slows down and the piece ends after the last note is hit at the end of bar 16.

I noticed that your piece was kind of split into two segments. The first segment was from bars 1-8 where the dreamy bells took the lead. The introduction of the new synth instrument in bar 9 marked the beginning of a new segment, although the new segment was just a reimagining of the first segment, so it's more of a resegment than a new segment.
You structured this piece really well, I like how you reintroduce ideas and made them grow. This might sound weird but your song sounds like a flower!
I guess the structure of this piece just reflects the themes of the music well. "The Dying of the Light" could be symbolic of a transition from death to life. Not talking about afterlife here or anything of that sort. It is a well known fact that energy cannot be created nor destroyed and in the death of one being, another is given life (e.g. plants from dead things). Likewise, from the "dying of the light" comes the possibility of new light being born. This musical piece is a rather nice rendition of that concept. The resegmenting of the first musical segment in this piece is representative of transition from one form of being to another. Just like how atoms reconstitute themselves into another thing after something has died so does this piece of music reconstitute the original motif into something a little bit different.
This music fits Pause Ahead really well. The main character struggled with problems involving freewill and whatnot, but after they have defeated the boss and kicked the boss' lights out they were able to birth their own light both metaphorically and literally. Even at the end of the game there was a crack of light representing the player's freedom. It's probably not a coincidence.
Anyway, I hope this review was helpful!

Sorry if I kind of exposed the secrets of your music (or if I got anything incorrect and you're annoyed that I did). It's just a really nice piece so I just had to do analyse it. I just really had to find out how it worked and how it fitted conceptually with the game. :p

tl;dr: the music is awesome!

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Billtron209 responds:

Oh man! This is the most in-depth thing ever!

I'm really glad you like it! It was one of my favorites from this soundtrack, and I always hoped it would be a nice little treat for people who stuck it out and beat that insane boss.

I think you understand this song far more than I ever did.


Of Men and Machines Of Men and Machines

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good man

This makes me think of Muse, with those electronics playing that melody. Until the guitars kick in, and it's a-rocking. Overall quite good, though it does sound a bit derivative at times.

ZombieZappa responds:

Hey! Thanks for commenting!

I wanted to take an electronic approach to rock music, but ended up with a metal song, ha! I guess I cant get away from my roots after all. Next time will have a much more electronic influence.

Really I was just testing the waters; get a feel for what direction I should go in, though I do genuinely love this song. Also, it was a good excuse to try out a new toy!

Next time, It'll will be much more focused and with better riffs than those old, tired throwbacks I used for the heavy arpeggiated parts, ha!

Fantasy for piano Fantasy for piano

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice work.

It's very waltz, with the song in 3/4 time signature.
It makes me think of walking in the streets in France on a beautiful night. I could surely imagine a beautiful backdrop and the moon rising in the horizon. Very good work, very mellow.

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Faith in the World &amp;lt;Hektik&amp;gt; Faith in the World <Hektik>

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Quite enjoyable

Very mellow tune, reminds me a bit of Buckethead.
I like how the drums are very gently placed, and the amalgamation of the instruments make for a very mellow, relaxing sound.
Great work.

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hektikmusic responds:

buckethead!! now i want some of colonel's fried chicken and they're not open :( thanks for listening and for the review :D

Multicolour Octopus Ink... Multicolour Octopus Ink...

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great song

the riff played all throughout the song sounds a lot like Radiohead's I Might Be Wrong (starting at 3:53) anyways, great work and atmosphere that you create however. And I commend you on this great piece of art

RMP - Terrified RMP - Terrified

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Professional mastering

But... your rapping is good I'm not going to throw some hate your way
The only thing I noticed is that..
You need to find your own style, this style has been used before
But other than that, sounds cool bro
Just wish it was more distinct
And you could be more proud that it's noticeably your own work
I also noticed a lack of variation
The arpeggios on the synth are cool, but it's just too generic
So that people can differentiate you from other rappers.
Keep working man, don't ever be content with yourself
There's always something you can improve upon :)

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